Star Soldier

“Star Soldier does not overwhelm with sweeping themes, but impresses in the fine details.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Pat The NES Punk and I may disagree on Three Stooges, but we do agree on this: On the NES, you can usually count on the Hudson bee to be a sign of quality retro gaming fun. R.I.P. Hudson Soft, and thanks for the Bomberman franchise.

One of the most fun things about the NintendoLegend project is that, when I started this blog, there were definitely some game genres that I was more familiar with than others. Perhaps that goes for every NES gamer (we all know about platformers, right?), but the shoot-’em-up scene was one that was quite foreign to me, and I have enjoyed being intentional over the past couple of years about becoming more familiar with the ins and outs of the shmup.

As I become more experienced with the category, a heirarchy begins to unfold, both in my mind and even in the undeniable arena of objectivity. For example, I can state with confidence that Star Soldier is a better space-theme shooter than Alpha Mission, and definitely much better than Galactic Crusader or Last Starfighter. I would compare it to Gun Nac, except that it is a bit less… zany.

First boss.

There is an impressive technical feat going on in Star Soldier, during portions where the background scrolls automatically at a certain speed, yet certain elements also scroll from left to right in a pseudo-parallax fashion, while a two-layered starfield is also animated in the background. Between that and the amount of sprites on-screen at once (without any flickering or slowdown at all!), I tip my hat to the Hudson team on their efforts here.

But I am sure a shoot-’em-up purist would still enjoy this game more than me. Check it out for yourself, retroheads.

NES Gameplay Tips For Star Soldier: Use cover when it is available, and blast the crap out of the “brain star” bosses. The key to mastering Star Soldier is to maintain a nimble balance between risk and efficiency. Then again, if you are going for a high score, feel free to just let the boss live so you can keep redoing the level over and over.

Read The Full Review For: Nothing special, really, except more detailed coverage of the game in different categories.


2 Responses to “ Star Soldier ”

  1. Good writeup. It’s rewarding to look at these games while really placing yourself in their time frame so you can really appreciate how impressive its graphics are.

    Unfortunately this is one of those games that I really want to like, Hudson fan that I am; the random cover system, though, frustrates me so much that I never play it for any length of time. You can appreciate what they were trying to do, but I always seem to go into the background and lose the ability to actually attack when it’s most important, totally botching my rhythm.

    I’m new to your blog so I don’t know if it’s been covered yet but I prefer the simpler predecessor to Star Soldier, Star Force. I might be in the minority there though!

  2. PhysicsofVideoGames , on February 17th, 2013 at 9:24 am Said:

    It is sad that Hudson Soft is gone, they really were fantastic. Nice little tribute to them! I am going to have to look out for this one!

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