“Bigfoot on NES handles like a one-wheeled hot dog cart and is bad enough to cast a dark, profound shadow against the very idea of video games as a whole.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Please read the full review, since I do not feel like writing my critiques a second time, but I definitely have complaints about this one.

I write the blog posts to form more informal thoughts and impressions on the games, or share stuff that is hardly related at all. In the case of Bigfoot on NES, I want to raise this thought: Being almost good can be much worse than merely being mediocre, especially when all those “almosts” begin to stack up into one big pile of electronic excrement.

Bigfoot on NES almost has a control scheme. It almost functions as a video game. In fact, it is almost a racing game. The music almost represents a competent composition. You can almost tell that this was not developed by Beam Software. The method for shifting gears in the side-view challenges almost makes sense. The team that designed this video game almost bothered to think of the players at some point. The sound effects almost fit what is happening on-screen. The post-race upgrades almost make a competitive difference.

Alas, shoving all that Almost Good into a giant heap never approaches Good at all.

Read The Full Review For: A more detailed analysis of why Bigfoot sucks. And by “detailed analysis” I also mean poop-related insults and use of the term “beepy-bloopy” to describe the music.

NES Gameplay Tips For Bigfoot: In order to provide you with gameplay tips for Bigfoot on NES, it would first have to have a control scheme. Since Bigfoot does not have controls, I cannot explain how to play it better. My advice would be to drive a monster truck over your Bigfoot cartridge.

Here, have some stupid screenshots.


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  1. Good review. I actually played this game a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t stand it. I usually try to beat most games I play (no matter how bad they are), but I just couldn’t play it anymore. Maybe one day I’ll try it again, but this is literally one of the worst pieces of shovelware on the NES.

  2. Just like books, you can’t judge a game by its title screenshot. The title screen looks radical but this cartridge is better used to throw at punk teenagers who walk in your lawn. I want to know what city this game is set in, and find out how they cloned 3 hillbillies.

  3. Agreed. There are so many things wrong with this game. But I love it. Oh, how I love it.

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