City Connection

Classy white background not seen on most NES title screens.

“City Connection just poses too many cheap deaths in the player’s direction to really be any fun.”
– from the full review, which you can read here

The cats are horrifying.

You can be speeding along comfortably, no cop nearby, whitening the roadways, when all of a sudd–CAAAAAAAAT!!

Freakin’ cats.



Bonus points for oil, of course. What are we, warmongers? Yes, yes we are.

I am of the opinion that, while super-hard games have their place, many old-school titles could have been improved by making them a tad bit easier. In the case of City Connection, you just honestly have to ask: Why the cats? Why the spikes? Maybe when the players were pumping in quarters to keep playing, keeping lifespans as short as possible made sense, but not at home on the living room floor. Why not lengthen the gameplay sessions a bit, let the player actually experience more of a specific challenge with the police cars? I mean, if all Pac-Man (a far superior game) had were ghosts that could kill the protagonist, why did City Connection need three different kill-capable enemies, especially with fewer escape routes than Pac-Man had to offer? Even if it makes the game easier, why would removing the cats and spikes be a bad thing? How is having fun an awful thing?

Remember: The foremost metric toward determining a video game’s quality is whether or not the player enjoys the game and how much so. That is The Main Thing. That is It.

And I just don’t think City Connection is much fun. Stupid cats.



Two more observations about City Connection on NES:

1) Apparently, this was the only video game that Axes Art Amuse developed for the NES, although they did further work on the SNES, 3DO, and PS1.

2) By May 1988, when this cartridge debuted on NES, gamers already had such legendary play choices as Contra, Mega Man, and Legend of Zelda, not to mention other fine titles.

Just sayin’.

Read The Full Review For: Gameplay description, my take on the looks & sound, some conclusions, a couple arcade-game comparative notes.

NES Gameplay Tips for City Connection: Work your way downward. If you see a cat, turn around. Use the ceiling in evasive jumps. Learn how to tightly corner at the very edge of a tier. Do not be afraid to use oil cans.

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  1. Loved this game as a rental, but that’s about as far as it went. The premise still appeals to me, but as you mention the pointless difficulty ruins it.

    Music is catchy, if repetitive.

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