Cobra Command

Windshield gets shot twice before game begins. Not a good sign.

“Better than average? Yes. One of the greats? No.”
– from the full review, which you can read here

Am I on a shooter kick lately? Maybe.

Another question: Is it just me, or does Data East has a weird fixation with slow pacing in their NES games? Rampage, Heavy Barrel, RoboCop… Battle Chess

Even then, I get the feeling that I tend to like Data East’s NES ports more than most. Honestly, try finding a positive review of Cobra Command. I found one, which positively gushes, but also makes some excellent points.

If anything, Cobra Command is ambitious. I would put it somewhere on That List of Somewhat Difficult NES Games That Stand the Test of Time as True Worthy Challenges for Old-School Players, especially since I genuinely believe games like The Adventures of Bayou Billy are too hard to really be any fun.

Cobra Command strikes a nice chord, when you are ready for repeated sessions in order to memorize tricky portions and gain the experience necessary to master air-to-air combat with those zippy planes and such.

Read The Full Review For: Some phrases I have never used before, a couple quick game comparisons, more in-depth coverage of the graphics and sound, etc.

NES Gameplay Tips for Cobra Command: This is not a blast-through-with-all-guns-blazing game. This is a grueling haul that will take patience, practice, perseverance, and who knows what other odd assortment of p-words.

How ’bout dem screenshots, eh?

Much better than Spelunker.



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