Classic. Gotta love Ahnold.

“Seriously: For a movie license money grab, Predator is not an outright atrocity.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

I wanted to hate this game.

I entered fully prepared to unleash my deepest, most bilious forms of insult and general antagonism. I had seen the AVGN video that smeared this game, and armed with my own vague memories was ready to dig its grave.

But… it’s not horrible! In fact, it’s even — decent.

ProTip: First screen of the game. Grab that gun in upper-left corner before advancing.

I mean, really, I had fun playing through it. It does not represent an absolutely broken example of poor game design or mechanics. Sure, it has its faults, but it has its bright spots, too. The pacing is weird, the multiple Predators is bizarre, the alien environments are eyebrow-raising, and it has lots of other individual spots that can be examined critically…

Read the full review for more details, but more importantly, I would recommend trying Predator for yourself. Try it with zero expectations, and be honest. This is an average video game, not an awful one.

Read The Full Review For: Several game comparisons you may find interesting, more basic information about this game if you are completely unfamiliar, and a little more meat on the bones of my conclusions.

NES Gameplay Tips for Predator: During the precision-jumping portions, rather than run and jump, just jump from a stand-still and maneuver once airborne. Always for the Laser when you can. Do not be afraid of the Predator, he is a sissy.

Screenshot time:

Look closely: Those are skulls. Everywhere.


Well that's... unpleasant.

BIG MODE! ... no, seriously, the game calls these levels "BIG MODE."

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  1. smeared ink , on April 23rd, 2013 at 12:28 am Said:

    This and Top Gun are both properties I knew only as NES games when I was a kid, and only discovered a little later that they were movies. Kind of weird in retrospect!

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