Title screen. Promising? Charming? Cute?

“Controlling the character is like trying to ice skate on stilts.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

I really don’t want to become some sort of Color Dreams connoisseur or aficionado.

Yet when I play Color Dreams games, I have played enough of them enough times to recognize when they are sticking with their usual mode and when they differentiate. They definitely stuck to a stubborn, bad game-design formula with most of their titles, but there are some subtle nuances of off-course exploration every once in a while.

When you play Secret Scout, you can tell the same artist(s?!) was used for King of Kings, under their later Wisdom Tree brand. The characters have that seem warped proportion, like wide-eyed cartoons. By the time you play Pesterminator, you learn to recognize that distinctive “clang” sound effect they used for — anything and everything, despite it being so grating. Yet some of their games have differing amounts of flickering issues, or stage navigation philosophy, or other elements. Among their shooter/platformer hybrid library, I would place Raid 2020 a step below Robodemons.

But hear me on this: Robodemons sucks. I am not trying to defend it too heartily (I think some of the pixel art is not bad, and it at least forms a playable video game, kinda), I am just saying that parts of it are better or worse than other Color Dreams titles.

Which makes me feel like the crazy guy in the corner comparing one dead bug to another. Nobody wants to play with the dead spiders, y’know? Go get a nice puppy or something.

Read The Full Review For: One important distinction between this game and, say, Mega Man; along with other distinctions made as well, I guess.

NES Gameplay Tips For Robodemons: Honestly? This: During the shooter portions, it is very important to know the exact trajectory of the boomerang, since you can only fire one at a time. If you miss, you have to sit there and wait until it flies away, then curves up, then flies back, then disappears, all before you can fire again. There are segments when it is absolutely critical to hit an enemy repeatedly (and their projectiles!), before they can hit you, without missing, even if that enemy is barely as tall as the boomerang.

My only other piece of advice: Don’t touch anything. An awful lot of stuff can kill you instantly. It sucks. It really sucks.

Hey, at least I can be proud to offer screenshots of areas not covered on GameFAQs or MobyGames. Behold, the depths of Hell:

Ugh. Huge protagonist + wimpy weapons + overpowered enemies = one sucky shooter.

So is this supposed to be, like, a cemetery, or...? /sarcasm


These between-level nameplates are fantastic. I love them.



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  1. Honestly, this game doesn’t look too bad in the screenshots. If I were to only see pics of the game and not read anything about it I’d probably pick it up.

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