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I love the “TM” here. Lol. How unusual.

“This presents an unequal dichotomy between aesthetics and appeal: While some may appreciate the immersion offered by actually exploring the casino floor setting, such pleasure is far outweighed by the needless tedium of having to walk around for minutes at a time just to find the next opponent.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

As the biggest fan of StarTropics, I can appreciate the adventure-game throwback in the movement mechanics of Casino Kid.

As a fan of poker, I can play Casino Kid with some level of competitive engagement.

As an 8-bit freak, I can take pleasure in the subtle nuances of pixel art, sound-channel arrangement, and mechanical quirks.

But as someone who values efficiency and design, Casino Kid really throws some questionable decisions at the player. The strange manner of having to find the next, “right” opponent is just to weird, overwrought, and unnecessary. Okay, some people give hints. Why not just offer the player a more robust manner of hints, then, in a more user-friendly system?

Just wondering.


Casino Kid is a sentimental favorite of some, though, and I can see why: It oozes with rich personality, more so than most of the NES casino games. But that raises its own debate, too: If I want personality and characterization in my old-school game, is Casino Kid really what I would reach for? The same goes for poker simulators too.

Casino Kid: Hedging its bets.

NES Gameplay Tips For Casino Kid: It can be skewed as either a good thing or a bad thing that Casino Casino Kid sticks to just blackjack and five-card draw poker. You can find plenty of tips for those games by using Google. Have fun.

Read The Full Review For: My attempt at sounding like I know what I am talking about when I critique the soundtrack of an 8-bit video game, the game of give-and-take presented by Casino Kid, and a couple things the game does do rather well.

Oh, have a few more screenshots.

Gee, thanks.

Gee, thanks.

The dealer changes with each match, too. Golly.

The dealer changes with each match, too. Golly.



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