Donkey Kong 3


“When playing Donkey Kong 3, one gets the sense that smiles are encouraged.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Stanley The Bugman make a comeback.

I mean, I’m not saying I’m the guy’s biggest fan or anything. It just seems a little rotten, only getting to appear in this and, apparently, an old Game & Watch title, as I learned in the Gaming Historian’s excellent video on Donkey Kong 3 — he does great work, that guy. Nintendo is usually good for at least a couple more games for its protagonists. You have to really flop to never been seen again. Look at Wario: Started out as a two-bit villain, now has his own branding empire. Pauline and Daisy have had a number of turns around the Nintendo carousel. Where’s the Stanley love? I guess we can always rewatch his appearance on the Saturday Supercade cartoon.

I admit, I kinda just want to see another platformer-shooter hybrid. Don’t we all love a good genre fusion?

NES Gameplay Tips For Donkey Kong 3: Boy, I am not the right guy to ask! I am one of the impatient players who always tries to advance by filling DK’s butt full of insecticide, every stage, as fast as possible, and abuse the Super Sprayer. Of course, this is much more dangerous, and requires a deft balance between attacking Donkey Kong while dodging incoming (and upcoming) bug baddies. Then again, I hate time limits, and want to avoid the anxiety of slowly picking off the bees, one by one, as they emerge from their hive, until all are gone. Good luck with either strategy. And keep grabbing that Super Sprayer.

Read The Full Review For: I have written nearly 300 NES reviews. The games themselves are always rewarding, and still offer plenty of variety. Donkey Kong 3 is a great example of a quirky, distinctive title. With my writing, however, it can be difficult to feel like  am doing a proper job continuing to hone my voice, while offering every game a high-quality representation. Sometimes I am just happy if I can find myself using a couple new phrases I have never resorted to before, as I found in this review. Other times, I try to go more lighthearted, or use more metaphors, or… I am not sure what I am trying to say here, other than observing that review-writing is somehow immensely rewarding yet rather soul-sucking at times as well. Take that as you wish, dear reader.



Mmm, yeah, take it…


Someday I shall write an entire essay on how Donkey Kong’s teeth are drawn in this game.


At least when Stanley dies, there are already flowers around his resting place.

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one with a fondness for this title! I’ve always rather enjoyed DK3, and as with the other 2, I’ve never quite mastered it very well, but it’s one of those cabinets that when I see it in an arcade, I nearly always pop in a quarter and play to show some love and support for the game, because I think it’s fairly forgotten in the DK canon. I’d love to see Nintendo release a non-VC compilation of arcade, 8 & 16-bit DK and related games to a disk format (similar to the recent Kirby anthology on the Wii) for the Wii and/or Wii U so that one could have most of the really great DK games in one place for a nice price.

  2. RizzardCore , on December 9th, 2013 at 11:53 am Said:

    I feel like this game would have been even better if A was jump and you could control the direction mid-jump.

    Yet another case of a game that was cursed by the notorious “UP Jump” syndrome.

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