“Hatris is a game of patience and precision.”
– from the full review, which you can read here

I like puzzle games.

Among all the video game genres, puzzles are somewhere up there right alongside side-scrollers and traditional RPGs for me. Tetris Attack, on SNES, is probably one of my top ten personal favorite video games.

So when I have a chance to really examine a title like Hatris, it is a treat. Check out the full review for an in-depth analysis of its mechanics, pacing, etc. — but, really, this is a solid puzzle game.

No, it is not as good as Tetris or Dr. Mario. But a discerning gamer will note little touches of brilliance throughout. For example, the quick-drop mechanic has been superbly engineered. Pressing Down nearly instantly brings the hat pair all the way down, but not quite. There is a little cushion, of space, and of time, allowing the player to not only double-check their decision, but offer the brief moment of brainspace required to make the next move, that crucial maneuver of ensuring the second hat is able to glide to its intended destination.

Yeah, I like Hatris. Which is largely why I am, instead of putting the usual screenshots or gameplay tips here, I am including a Let’s Play video, which should handle visuals and tips just fine. Be forewarned: It is a little over an hour long, which gives any viewer a bit of a clue as to Hatris’s pacing issues, and why I do not rate it higher. Enjoy.

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