Air Fortress


“Furthermore, even those platforming portions take place in zero gravity, allowing the player to jump as high as desired (with the Up button held), along with the neat visual of the player-character jolting backwards with each shot fired in midair.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Honestly? I’d rather play Metal Fighter.

Air Fortress makes for an interesting case study in style vs. substance. It has more style than substance, yet its style is never overwhelming, even at its best. The “hook” we are expected to bite is the hybrid of shooter and platformer genres; but if neither is carried out to an outstanding degree, why should we bother to care?


This is a decent game, but only decent. It is not very challenging. It moves at a slow, tedious pace. Most on-screen foes can be conquered with just a couple simple strategies.

But, hey, those spacey scenes make for some cool visuals, right? Air Fortress is what happens when a bunch of game-makers decide on a solid concept, but without the strenuous design tweaks and polish required to make that concept truly work.

We are left with a curiosity that just blends in with the rest of the NES library, not even bad enough to show up on the Awful Games lists out there.


Read The Full Review For: Use of fancy words like “eponymous,” a brief plot overview, mechanical observations, a verdict on audiovisuals, and your usual brand of more in-depth commentary.

NES Gameplay Tips for Air Fortress: Neither fret nor worry, for this is a fairly generic game, and general practice on shooters and platformers shall prepare you adequately for its rigors.


Graphics might be the best part of Air Fortress. Example: Lighting effects!

Graphics might be the best part of Air Fortress. Example: Lighting effects!

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  1. I was almost going to get a copy of this and try it, but I decided against it seeing as the review said it wasn’t that great. I had a go on NES Ghostbusters instead, which is a frustrating game. Anyway I enjoyed reading the review so thanks.

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