I have a love/hate relationship with the iconic black-box game title screens.

I have a love/hate relationship with the iconic black-box game title screens.

“The problem with Tennis is that it feels more like a product demo for Nintendo than a true finished video game. ”
– from the full review, which you can read here

Better than Clu Clu Land?

Tennis might be the best sports game of the original NES release line-up, yet still leaves much to be desired. Despite its smooth gameplay, simple controls, and options for doubles or difficulty levels, this is a game best played as a brief diversion and not taken too seriously.

It does stand as a neat testament, though, to how far the NES came in its production values for sports titles. Just think about the comparison between 10-Yard Fight and Tecmo Bowl, or between Baseball and Base Wars. Both the breadth and depth of improvement is startling.

I will say this about Tennis, at least: Serving an ace still feels pretty good.


So, too, does a solid back-and-forth volley.


Note: Frames have been removed from these .gif animations for compression. The actual NES gameplay animation is much smoother!

Feel free to check out NESQuester’s review of Tennis, too.

Read The Full Review For: Both the good and the bad concerning this game’s control scheme, one particular aspect in which this game is “rather unimpressive,” and a couple trivia tidbits.

NES Gameplay Tips for Tennis: When a shot comes down the left-side line, be sure to use a backhand return.


Back when Mario's vocabulary was arguably larger. "TKO!!"

Back when Mario’s vocabulary was arguably larger. “TKO!!”

What a beautiful forehand from Legend...

What a beautiful forehand from Legend…


Classy Roman numerals.

Classy Roman numerals.



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