Sesame Street 123


“… the point is, in order to hold anyone’s interest, there should be a clear distinction between cinematic cutscenes and the instant feedback of real-time gameplay. In 123, this distinction is often fuzzy, blurry, or lost altogether.”
– from the full review.

“I don’t want to talk about Metal Mech.”

That is how my blog post for Metal Mech opens, the most recent review of mine to score a 1.5 for the game. Oddly enough, the sentiment stands.


For Sesame Street 123, I am going to just try and see what random thoughts I can come up with, other than points already covered in the review (which had additional screenshots, if you want those too, I guess).

There is a quirky difference between Magic Shapes and Astro-Grover, in that when you highlight one of the Magic Shapes game selections, it shows a description of the game on the same line. Here, let me show you what I mean.


But this functionality is, strangely perhaps, not intact for Astro-Grover. Poor Grover. I always liked Grover.

This might be my favorite “edu-tainment” NES video game.

I have a fetish for Rare’s 8-bit work. And 64-bit work, really.

Did anyone else ever notice that Ernie’s Magic Shapes does not really have much to do with numbers, counting, or math? Seriously, what the heck?


Do the Zip aliens have a backstory? Just wondering. They could use their own game. They, like the minions of Despicable Me or those three-eyed Toy Story aliens, are little and adorable.

… and without rehashing previous points about the futile pursuit of creating edutainment video games, that’s about it. If you do want to read those thoughts, I am sure you can find if you look through one of my blog posts for all those Fisher-Price titles…

Read The Full Review For: The result of my attempt to try and be a little bit more lighthearted than my usual analytic/dry style of reviews. I hope you enjoy.

NES Gameplay Tips For Sesame Street 123: … Be literate? Know your shapes? Know how to count?


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  1. I HAD THIS GAME!!!!!!

  2. That moon is evil. Look at its expression of judgement. Its just waiting, and it knows that you’ll screw up. We as humans might not be perfect, but you’re just a dumbassed rock above the skies.

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