“But the true beauty of Rampart is the elegant interchange between each of the phases.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Did you know that Rampart was an arcade game?

I sure didn’t, until I spotted the cabinet at Galloping Ghost on my recent trip there. The Ghost is now on Twitter, too, by the way.

But then again, Rampart was made for many systems altogether. The Atari Lynx, the major 16-bit consoles, the ST, C64, PS3…

I love this wordy intro in the instruction booklet. Haha. What a mark of its time.

I love this wordy intro in the instruction booklet. Haha. What a mark of its time.

Like Lemmings, I suppose: A nichey little real-time strategy puzzler with enough of an addicting quality to have a broad appeal. I do like Rampart more, though. And unlike Battleship, this has a two-player mode. Granted, I think the difficulty of executing a two-player Battleship video game is much greater than most would give credit for, but…

Hey, it’s Rampart. A decent game. Good for a little diversionary fun. I would recommend trying it out, but I would never call it great. That said, it has totally aged better than many other NES titles (hello there, crappy platformers galore!), as I could see this being a very fun touchscreen title.



NES Gameplay Tips For Rampart: If the walls surrounding your previously cozy castle have been destroyed in such a systematic way as to make repairs very difficult and requiring of exact precision, consider the benefit of, instead, taking advantage of the blank verdant slate offered by another castle site, and build there instead. Ultimately, the two important skills in Rampart are wall-piece manipulation and cannon fire, each of which poses the kind of challenge that only practice will ultimately overcome. Good luck.

Read The Full Review For: A few decent turns of phrase I do not believe I have tried out before, yet only to dive into a lazy sort of ‘meh’ that I have been guilty of all too often. Also, my struggle to find synonyms for the word “wall.” Oh, and several more gameplay screenshots.

And that's how it's done, son.

And that’s how it’s done, son.




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