River City Ransom

Actually has somewhat ransom-style lettering!

Actually has somewhat ransom-style lettering!

“The co-op mode is a frenzied exercise in beautiful chaos.”
– excerpt from the full review, which can be read here

I like hybrid-genre games, such as Pinball Quest. One of the more popular hybrid-genre NES games is The Guardian Legend, which I look forward to reviewing someday.

In fact, I considered writing a lengthy, disgusting blah-blah-blah about how this blog has been so dormant, living with the fact that most of the review links are dead, and my feelings about it, but, meh. If anything, I have learned that you have to have things in your life that you just do for fun.

Speaking of which.

River City Ransom is a personal favorite of mine. I am not the only person who is fond of it, of course — it happens to be among the favorites of a friend of mine. We live a couple states apart now, but it is at the very top of the list of games we want to play together someday. It was Smash Bros for a while, but we were able to check that one off the list. Now? River City Ransom. Quite a quirky, fun co-op experience.

This is also my Review A Great Game Day choice for 2015. This was definitely our biggest year yet; we had well over 100 reviews submitted (seriously, click the link to check them out at the official site), which is kinda insane. Anyways.

I think it takes a certain sort of courage and boldness for a developer to make a hybrid-genre game. I am glad Technos put effort into RCR, because it is basically my dream mix. I love beat-’em-ups and RPGs, especially on retro systems.

I thoroughly recommend River City Ransom, if only because there really, truly has never been any game quite like it. And it doesn’t suck!

Read The Full Review For: A stream-of-consciousness rambling as to what makes this game great, but also my thoughts on its notable flaws. Oh, and a few gameplay screenshots.

NES Gameplay Tips For River City Ransom: Use the environment. Use weapons. Learn how to exploit the A.I. (an A.I. that is cleverly impressive in some ways and facepalmingly vulnerable in others).

Maybe every NES game boils down to practice being the best tip, but River City Ransom is a tiny bit more susceptible to that wisdom than most titles, I would wager. You have different interconnecting elements working together, and over time you will learn which ones work best. You learn that the computer enemies are capable of dash approaches horizontally, yet struggle with matching your vertical space (this is actually an interesting exploit in most 2.5d beat-’em-ups). You learn the exact amount of hits required to take certain enemies down, which will make you more efficient (and confident). You learn which stats are actually helpful to boost, and which you can beat the game without touching. It is a cool game with many systems at work.

An epic tale, it is not. But still.

An epic tale, it is not. But still.

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