Gaming continuing to evolve through a range of platforms

When it comes to gaming the options are tremendous for players. Whether it is Red Flush Casino on the smartphone, playing FIFA online against someone across the world or starting up the Wii fit, we have options aplenty and they look set to continue to grow and embrace the technology available. That’s because Nintendo are planning on releasing their latest console, the Nintendo NX which we should expect to see on the shelves in the next year.


So far, the NX has been clouded in secrecy with nobody sure of what it will actually do, either way we are expecting a big statement from Nintendo with their latest design, ensuring it will be something that attracts the masses and puts them firmly back at the top seat amongst the fierce competition that exists in the gaming industry. Despite little official coming out, there have been strong rumours that NX will incorporate a virtual reality gaming aspect. VR gaming has been on the rise in recent years with better quality gaming available, however there has still been nothing major that has made its way into our homes, but 2016 is the year of the VR and there are big things expected. So that could prove that Nintendo do have one eye on the future and they are trying to make a significant breakthrough into that market before anyone else does, which could prove a smart business move.



When it comes to gaming, you can see how much it is evolving so the Nintendo NX could be onto something with the new technology it will involve. To demonstrate the range of platforms that gaming now has, you only have to look at the latest craze, Pokémon Go, which hasn’t just swept the nation but the globe instead with millions of players from all ages hooked by the game. That is a sign of the many platforms that gaming has, and for brands to become successful, whether that is game developers or consoles you need to appreciate the range of ways gaming is accessed nowadays. A clear example would be the online casino gaming industry. With Red Flush Casino you can play the most popular table games out there, however, the added appeal is that you can play it from both your PC or tablet as well as your smartphone, you aren’t restricted and the quality doesn’t suffer on either device. The graphics, gameplay and sounds combine to create a casino feel, and to think you can experience that from your phone on the bus or walking to work is testament to the quality of the gaming options we have out there.


Overall, gaming is going to continue to grow and adapt various forms of technology and whether that is following the example of Red Flush Casino or taking a risk like Nintendomight be by incorporating VR, it shows that you have to plan to hit a wide consumer base. All of this work means one thing, that once again the gamers are coming out on top thanks to the lightning speed at which gaming is evolving.

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