Nintendo Reveals New Retro Mini NES


It looks like Nintendo is finally back on top. The release of a little game called Pokemon Go saw the value of the company skyrocket. And then there was the news that they’re releasing a miniature version of their classic Nintendo Entertainment System, which was met with glee from both children and nostalgic adults alike.

Earlier this month, Nintendo announced a new version of its classic console called the NES Classic Edition that connects through an HDMI cable and fits in the palm of your hand. It brings back the golden age of gaming when 8-bits were all you needed and Super Mario Bros. 3 was the height of gaming brilliance. The retro gaming device will include 30 classic games including many of the NES’ greatest hits. Among these titles will be the first three Super Mario Bros. games, Donkey Kong, the first two Legend of Zelda games, Mega Man 2, Castlevania, Metroid and much more. There’s even something for sports fans with such beloved titles as Punch Out!! and Tecmo Bowl.

However, those of you with a box full of old Nintendo cartridges shouldn’t get your hopes up. The system won’t be an internet-connected device and can’t play old cartridges, so the initial 30 games are all you’re going to get. And without an internet connection, don’t expect updates or new games via download. But for an announced price of $60, it’s still a bargain as you’d easily twice spend that amount trying to purchase the same games from the Wii U Virtual Console.

As a new generation of 20 and 30-something professionals have more disposable income, the nostalgia for their childhoods has never been stronger. Just take a look at lists that are all about ’90s nostalgia. Much like the newfound popularity of Pokemon GO, the new Nintendo is perfectly placed to take advantage of consumers in their late-20s and early-30s desperate to recapture a portion of their childhood innocence. And there’s no better way than through video games.

It also boils down to the fact that there some styles of games just never go out of style and continue to remain popular practically forever. This is further evidenced by the simplicity of many mobile gaming sites that offer new takes on classic platforming games and matching puzzles. Another style of gaming that continues to be played by millions, although not nearly at the peak it once knew, is online poker. The game has remained a popular staple since its inception more than 150 years ago and that popularity reached a fever pitch at the turn of the millennium with the advent of online poker tournaments that allowed gamers to instantly play with fellow fans all over the world. The simple rules and accessibility help to appeal to new fans year after year while still retaining its timeless sense of fun.

Unfortunately, throwback gaming fans are still going to have to wait a little bit before they can fire up the new console. The NES Classic Edition is set for a Nov. 11 release date, and we’re getting excited for the mushrooms and magic whistles already.


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