Three Game Franchises That I Wish Were On Nintendo Systems


Nintendo has a great roster of first-party franchises, from the lighthearted adventures of Mario to the fantastical Legend of Zelda canon and everything in between. But, still, there are some series that I wish I could play on Nintendo’s machines despite currently being exclusive elsewhere. Here are my picks for most-coveted properties.

Final Fantasy

Decades ago, Final Fantasy titles were widely available on Nintendo’s popular 8- and 16-bit home consoles. In fact, that is where the series began, on the Famicom. However, long since the glory days of Square in its 20th-century heyday, the property has moved to Sony – and with the recent success of Final Fantasy XV, it looks like it is there to stay for the foreseeable future. Online Casino Games

Nintendo has always struggled to form a consistent, coherent online identity. Additionally, they have also labored to strike a harmonic chord with a more mature audience. In order to accomplish two goals at once, why not embrace the arena of online casino games like online blackjack? It is a popular niche, even if not as mainstream as some other titles, but with a very loyal fan base this is an arena Nintendo could find great success in.


Microsoft has pushed Halo as their forefront property across three different generations of gaming systems now, with no signs of stopping. While it may be silly to think of Master Chief jumping ship to the big N, here is my reasoning: Nintendo used to have a popular franchise of sci-fi first-person shooters with the Metroid Prime series, but they seem to have forgotten Samus Aran and left her by the wayside, sadly.

Obviously, this is all just wishful thinking, and such acquisitions are wildly unrealistic. But it remains a fun thought exercise, to consider just how different the gaming landscape could be if just one or two franchises were in different hands. Can you imagine playing a StarFox title on the PS4, or if The Last of Us released on Wii U? That would be crazy!

Then again, there was a time when Sonic the Hedgehog was specifically pushed to be Mario’s rival; yet, now, they star in games together for Nintendo. Maybe there is a chance, if slight, of seeing such ‘crazy’ possibilities after all. What series do YOU want to see on a different system?

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