Taking Feedback Seriously

Earlier today, I stirred up a little trouble on Twitter for criticizing gamers. I usually have no regrets with this, but I received a comment today that gave me a little nugget of insight I took to heart.

Again: Normally, I’m okay with putting jokes aside and taking time to call out crappy gaming stuff. But I kept thinking about this, and wanted to respond, but a lengthy reply wasn’t quite working on Twitter very well, heh. So I’m just posting it here.


I respect that. I get it. Can’t argue it. Especially when I’m on record saying I want to promote a more positive gaming community too, right?

I don’t think I’ll shut up about these topics though, even if I sometimes do see the irony in very seriously telling gamers not to take their hobby so seriously. Still, I think it’s okay not to be happy all the time. I think I’m right about these things, or I wouldn’t mention them. I think it’s okay to criticize things, rather than just keep smiling along like nothing is happening. I think it can be appropriate to call stuff out, to make a case for why something is wrong.


I hear you. I’m thinking about it, again, now. I even have an idea –

How about, instead of trying to stir up heated exchanges on my own, I stick to commenting on specific issues if/as they happen?

I can still express the same values, then. I’ll just… not be the instigator. No need to create a new pit of aggravation where they wasn’t one already.

Honestly, it’s usually not out of nowhere anyway, it’s usually in response to something I’ve seen. I think I’m realizing now that, yeah, if I’m not making it clear where something is coming from, I definitely do sound more like a raving lunatic, lol. Or a bully, starting the fight… which is not ideal. Of course.

If you’re serious, that you believe the silly stuff I do helps make people happy, I can get behind the idea of focusing more on that than starting fights. I’m just not a nice guy, I enjoy the fights sometimes – so you’ll have to forgive me for keeping a set of brass knuckles in my back pocket if the need arises!




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