10 Million Points in Rollerball (NES)

Story time.


As a kid, myself and my friend each had an NES. He had the game Rollerball, a pinball game with an enormous 8-bit table and a small ball prone to wild variances in potential collisions. We did not play it often, but we did play sometimes. I liked it more than he did. Eventually, he gave it to me. Throughout the years, I got to know the game fairly well with occasional play.


In October of 2011, I recorded a gameplay session onto VHS tape and submitted it to Twin Galaxies. The current world record was in the 3-million point range, but I was able to score over 8 million points. It was my first world record, and I was excited. Twin Galaxies has since fallen into a bit of organizational disarray, to say the least, but introduced me to the novel idea of finding somewhat-obscure little NES titles to claim supremacy in.


In 2016, I began occasionally streaming NES games on Twitch. Despite the occasional technical difficulty, I had fun just playing some of my favorite old games, even when the graphics were glitched. Gotta love the authentic console experience, right?

One of my personal challenges was to surpass 10 million points in Rollerball. It is a nice, round number to aim for… and that left-most “0” had been teasing me my entire gaming life, just begging to be filled one day. To my knowledge, though, literally no one had ever achieved this.

Until now.

On Saturday night, June 17th, 2017, I started a stream on Rollerball and, well, to make a long story short, ended up with over 10 million points. To be exact: 11,453,840. It took over two and a half hours, and lasted until near 1AM, yet I had a consistent audience of 9-12 people watching along and maintaining a wholesome chat. I really enjoyed finally checking this off my personal gaming to-do list.

Here’s the video.


Yes, it is just an arbitrary distinction on an odd Nintendo game, but I had a blast regardless. Sometimes gaming really is that simple.

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