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So I watched Iron Fist. Keepin’ up on the Marvel Netflix stuff. I don’t think I have any Great Insights, but, I have some thoughts.

That might have been the most contrived, really?-are-you-serious? romance I’ve ever seen.

Fight choreography was, like… 70% disappointing, 20% adequately entertaining, 10% good. Say no to jump cuts.

I understand the Marvel shows suffer from a fatigue of being forced to churn out 13 episodes, but *what* a lackluster final showdown.

Am I crazy, or did Iron Fist start with a potential for having some humor – then just kinda abandon that pretty quickly?

Used two trends I’m getting super tired of in my entertainment media – first, asking me to root for a wealthy hero. Please stop.

And secondly, the endless, spanning-several-episodes agonizing over The Same Moral Choice or Who Am I? Stuff. Without writing too muchabout it, suffice to say I don’t find it interesting for a dude to be like “but WHO AM I?!” for 8 eps. Like, yeah, we get it. AM I DANNY RAND OR AM I THE IRON FIST?! Right. @#$%ing pick one. I don’t care which. Oh my gosh.

Wait, third, another peeve – tendency of pop media to shove this weird preaching about Knowing Your Real Dad Is The Top Thing. It’s become eye-rollingly nauseous for Closeness With Your Biological Parents to be thrust out there as this touchstone of Maximum Human Righteousness or whatever. I don’t want to have to elaborate on why, but… hey, family’s awesome. However, if you don’t know your biological parents, that’s okay. And if your parents suck, I don’t think you reconnecting with them is going to be some ideal, rosy story arc you should necessarily follow.

All that being said, I did like some stuff? I found Ward Meachum to be a really weird, interesting character. Compelling.

And, somehow, I dug the whole “pretending to be dead for 13 years, stuck in a dark penthouse prison” aesthetic. Okay. Fine.

Oh, and the way they used Madame Gao a lot, yet you still end up being unsure of her true… stuff. Identity, motivations, whatever.

The Hand having splinter groups? Okay, I can dig it. Fine. People with guns still having no idea how to use them? Tired trope, yes. I lost count of the times a dude with a gun would simply carry the gun as they ran towards the martial artist, rather than, just… y’know… shooting them.

Anyway. Conclusion – very ‘meh.’ Likely worst of the Marvel Netflix shows, for me. Yet… I still got through it, still ready for Defenders. I just wish we had a Punisher show coming sooner.





I’d rank the Netflix Marvel shows this way so far.

1) Daredevil season 1. Most consistent, pound-for-pound quality.

2) Jessica Jones. Really intense, went to some remarkable places. But, wow, my one big frustration was that I still think it makes more sense to just kill the Big Bad around episode 3 or so. Every time I mention this, people are like “but didn’t you understand that–” Yes, I watched the show. I am speaking this opinion from an informed position. They should’ve just killed the guy ASAP. Period. But hey, need 13 episodes.

3) Luke Cage. Yes, it went on too long. But, dang, it had a great vibe and some great moments. A twist I truly didn’t see coming, and shook me up a little. Entertaining.

4) Daredevil season 2. Not horrible, just, not great. I mean, I could probably rank it higher just for what it did with The Punisher. Just, like, that could #1. I want more Punisher. More violence, less moral quibbling. “This person is extraordinarily powerful, and will cause thousands of deaths, and completely disrupt and destroy the city, and–” Is he bulletproof? “Well, no…” Bang bang, problem solved! The prison scene where the Punisher shanks that dude with full brutality is one of the most artistic things my eyes have ever gazed upon in my earthly time.

5) Iron Fist. I wouldn’t call it terrible, but it felt like a stretch, like Marvel/Netflix was putting out its bench player, like they were seeing how “meh” and watered-down they could get away with being. Had some bright spots, mostly just a little big of a slog.

Thanks for reading!

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