The Legend Himself

Legend has it.

The Nintendo Legend, aka Eric Bailey, for years counted writing and retro gaming among his passions. When he wanted to start his own retro gaming website but recognized the need to be distinctive, he had an idea to launch a site fully devoted to amassing the ultimate library of Nintendo Entertainment System video game reviews. He figured this would be useful to Wii Virtual Console users, fellow retro gamers, emulator players, or just for sentimental value.

At first, he was initially discouraged to discover that several other websites offered retro-gaming reviews, even for the NES extensively, which may have made his idea seem redundant and useless. However, upon further inspection, he noticed that each site had at least one of these flaws:

1) Their NES review selection was far from complete
2) Their writing was inconsistent or of poor quality
3) Their site was difficult or time-consuming to navigate

So, with his mission becoming clearer, he had a vision for this retro gaming site: A single, simple page with NES titles running down in alphabetical order, and each having a link to the game’s review. It would either be accessible on its own, or from the mainpage that would post updates to the review archives,┬áblog style.

The mission statement became: To write a quality review for every American-released NES video game.

Thus the quest began.

Leave no game behind.

The Nintendo Legend can be reached at in addition to his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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